Better Talk Saul #12 – Gloves Off & Rebecca

This week Anthony Lewis and Glenn Boisvert sit down to talk season 2 episodes 4-5 of AMC’s Better Call Saul entitled “Gloves Off” & “Rebecca” we break the episodes down and talk about what we loved and what we didn’t plus where we think the show will be headed going forward!

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Cinema Geekly Podcast (Episode 135)

This week Anthony Lewis Aaron De La Ossa, and Glenn Boisvert talk about trailers for Ghostbusters, Civil War, Game Of Thrones, and Sausage Party! Plus we talk Indy 5, Sly in GotG 2, casting young Han Solo and more!!! All of that plus Box Office results and upcoming films!

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We Approve It – ​Boo Bitches

In this episode we celebrate Halloween with our favorite grandma in Boo! A Madea Halloween, go on another ocean exploration while Finding Dory, watch Susan Sarandon ruin Rose Byrne’s life in The Meddler, and join the coolest sorority in Neighbors 2.