We Approve It – Stop Fighting Sharks

​In this episode we find out how Quint survived that ordeal in USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage, wonder why Blake Lively insists on fighting sharks in The Shallows, realized the best version of Justin Beiber is actually Andy Samberg in Popstar: Never Stop Stopping, and realize Michael Keaton is the most charismatically evil man in Read more about We Approve It – Stop Fighting Sharks[…]

Cinema Geekly Podcast (Episode 139)

This week Anthony, Glenn, Aaron, Jaclyn, and Gillian all come together to talk about the trailer for The Killing Joke, casting news for Tomb Raider and the Han Solo Star Wars story, and the news of a Punisher Netflix series. Plus we break apart Captain America :Civil War!!!  All of that plus Box Office results Read more about Cinema Geekly Podcast (Episode 139)[…]