level_your_gear #25 – E3 2017

This week Anthony Lewis and Aurora Bubbaloo are losing thier collective minds over E3 2017!!! We talk about A LOT of cool gameplay reveals including Assassin’s Creed Origins, Anthem, Days Gone, Spider Man, Battlefront II, and TONS MORE! Plus news on Mass Effect, a Sega Genesis throwback, the XB1X, and a pro Overwatch player getting Read more about level_your_gear #25 – E3 2017[…]

We Approve It – American Made Murder & Wonder Woman Review

In this episode, we wonder why Red Shoes and 7 Dwarves is being made when we already have Shrek, are wondering how we can stop Tom Cruise when he is American Made, are going full redneck with Logan Lucky, and are trying to solve the Murder on the Orient Express. Plus we saw Wonder Woman Read more about We Approve It – American Made Murder & Wonder Woman Review[…]