I’m A Doctor, Not A Podcast #9 – The Orville Discovery

In this episode Anthony and Ben are joined by Arron to talk at length about the first trailer for Star Trek: Discovery including all of the ups, downs, excitement, and disappointment. We also discuss the rumors surrounding the shows story arc and it’s expansion to 15 episodes and as an added bonus we take a Read more about I’m A Doctor, Not A Podcast #9 – The Orville Discovery[…]

Who Made Who #28 – Oxygen & Extremis

This week Anthony Lewis, Aaron De La Ossa, and Ben Knight sit down to discuss the 5th and 6th episodes of Doctor Who’s 10th series entitled “Oxygen” and “Extremis”! Plus we play another exciting round of how much does this Doctor Who thing in Etsy cost? BUY COOL DOCTOR WHO STUFF FROM THINK GEEK AND Read more about Who Made Who #28 – Oxygen & Extremis[…]