About Our Shows

Welcome to Cinema Geekly! We like to talk about things……..A LOT! We’re talking movies, TV shows, video games, and whatever else comes to mind. Your ears will thank you later so enjoy your stay! Below is a list of the shows we offer and what they are all about. On top of that every show is available on Apple Podcasts,  Google Play Music, and Stitcher all you have to do is search for them by name! While you’re there feel free to rate the podcast and/or leave us a review.

Our Current Podcast Lineup:
podcast-1000x500Cinema Geekly Podcast – Hosted By Anthony Lewis, Aaron De La Ossa, and Glenn Boisvert
Topics Of Discussion: Usually Movies….but we dabble in everything.

The Following Has Been Approved – Hosted By Jaclyn and Gillian
Topics Of Discussion: Movie Trailer Reviews

flawedbannerHorribly Flawed & Incredibly Decisive – Hosted By A Varied Panel
Topic: A Cinema Geekly game designed to determine the best film in the career of an actor or director.

Podcasters Of SHIELD – Hosted By Anthony Lewis, Aurora Bubbaloo, and Aaron De La Ossa
Topics include mostly Marvel TV properties.

Better Talk Saul – Hosted By Anthony Lewis and Glenn Boisvert
Discussing the AMC program Better Call Saul

Level Your Gear – Hosted By Anthony Lewis and Aurora Bubbaloo
Video Games and the gaming industry

Hear The Walking Dead – Hosted By Anthony Lewis and Aurora Bubbaloo
Discussion the AMC shows The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead

Who Made Who – Hosted By Anthony Lewis, Ben Knight, and Aaron De La Ossa
Discussing the British SciFi program Doctor Who

I’m A Doctor, Not A Podcast – Hosted By Anthony Lewis, Ben Knight, and Aurora Bubbaloo
Discussing all things Star Trek

What Comes NXT – Hosted By Anthony and Jaclyn
Discussion the WWE Network show NXT

The Elitists – Hosted By Variety Panel
Discussion of the pro wrestling company All Elite Wrestling

MTGT9K – Hosted by Anthony and Kayla Lewis
Movie reviews from the mind of a teen girl.

Discontinued Podcasts (But Still Archived)
gothampodbanner2The Gotham Podcast – Hosted By Anthony Lewis & Glenn Boisvert
Topic Of Discussion: Gotham On FOX

greatscapeThe Great ‘S’ Cape – Hosted by Jaclyn, Gillian, and Aurora
Discussing the CBS show Supergirl

The Hope Spot – Hosted by Anthony Lewis, Aaron De La Ossa, Nick Montes
Discussing Professional Wrestling

flashingarrowbanner2Flashing Arrow – Hosted By Anthony Lewis and Glenn Boisvert
discussing the CW shows The Flash, Arrow, and Legends Of Tomorrow

sidebpodcastFLIP FOR SIDE B – Hosted By Glenn Boisvert
Topics Of Discussion: Variety