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Below you'll find our worthy crew of podcasters!


Runner Of Things

Founder. Chief Petty Officer. Secretly A Cylon. Talks WAY too much. Big Softy.


Expert At Video Gaming

Proponent of lady geeks everywhere. Founder of Ladies Geeking Out. Future hunter of walkers. Forever Gamer!



2x NXT Fan Of The Night

Purveyor of film marketing. Co-Host of The Following Has Been Approved. Is NXT.


Fleet Admiral

Voice Over Artist. Podcaster. Barrister. Fleet Admiral. Owns a Doctor Who pencil set.


Senior DC Apologist

World traveler. Partial film snob. Eater of British foods. Fan of the graphic novel Hush. Dog Father.


Trailer Enthusiast

Co-Host of The Following Has Been Approved. Still hasn't watched Stranger Things!



Senior Youth Expert

Ravenclaw. Choir Gal. Anime-niac. Retro Kid. Quirk: Sarcasm.


Podcaster Emeritus

Marvel pundit - Lover of all things geek. Hosts Children Of The Adams --

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