Cinema Geekly Podcast (Episode 10)

With Anthony Lewis and Nick Montes! We discuss the Box Office Results, no more Twilight talk for a year, the WWE Network and how it baffles Tony, the trailers for The Expendables 2, The Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit, and Prometheus, The Dark Knight Rises Prologue, Star Trek sequel tidbits, really old school Christmas movies, Read more about Cinema Geekly Podcast (Episode 10)[…]

Cinema Geekly Podcast (Episode 9a)

It’s the first Cinema Geekly Podcast sub-episode or mini-sode if you will. Feeling a bit under the weather Anthony Lewis bravely goes about eight straight minutes to give you the absolute bare minimum you need to know. We get the box office results, Anthony’s thoughts an a couple of trailers that popped up online, the Read more about Cinema Geekly Podcast (Episode 9a)[…]

Cinema Geekly Podcast (Episode 8)

With Anthony Lewis ,Dan Lewis, Jason Schmidt, Joe McDonald, and Aaron De La Ossa. We talk the 100/100 Giveaway change, Box Office, Technical Problems, Jim Cameron is to blame for Twilight, Doctor Who, Starship Troopers Reboot, To reboot or not to reboot, Dark Knight IMAX hatred, Sherlock Holmes, Tony creates intrigue/love/spite for Another Earth, Aaron writes a better Read more about Cinema Geekly Podcast (Episode 8)[…]