Who Made Who #10 – Series 8 Retrospective

In this episode Anthony Lewis, Aaron De La Ossa, and Ben Knight talk about Series 8 of Doctor Who as a whole. Our thoughts on Peter Capaldi’s performance, the dramatic shift in tone from previous years, our favorite episodes and moments, things that didn’t work so well, what happened to Aaron, off topic conversation, the Read more about Who Made Who #10 – Series 8 Retrospective[…]

Horribly Flawed & Incredibly Decisive #1 – Batman

In this new premium podcast series the gang at Cinema Geekly scientifically decide once and for all what the greatest film in a franchise is, what a Directors greatest film is, and what an actors greatest role is via methods that are not up for debate and will stand the test of time as the Read more about Horribly Flawed & Incredibly Decisive #1 – Batman[…]

Cinema Geekly Podcast (Episode 91)

This week Anthony Lewis and Glenn Boisvert talk about reviews for Birdman & Interstellar, the announcement of Star Wars “The Force Awakens”, another Toy Story movie being in the works, and possibilities of Harley Quinn and The Joker appearing The Suicide Squad film. All of that plus Box Office result from the weekend and a look Read more about Cinema Geekly Podcast (Episode 91)[…]