We Approve It – #James McAvoy #RDJ (#Daniel Brühl?)

In this episode Jaclyn and Gillian try to guess who is the true hit man in Sicario, watch a real-life Ratatouille in Burnt, feel feels in About Ray and decide what we like least about Victor Frankenstein. Also we have a minor fight. Referenced in the title. Please chime in. [youtube id=”yKufeJJ4ysM” width=”620″ height=”360″] [youtube Read more about We Approve It – #James McAvoy #RDJ (#Daniel Brühl?)[…]

Horribly Flawed & Incredibly Decisive #11 – Leonardo DiCaprio

The gang at Cinema Geekly scientifically decide once and for all what the greatest film in a franchise is, what a Directors greatest film is, and what an actors greatest role is via methods that are not up for debate and will stand the test of time as the infallible truth. On this episode Anthony Read more about Horribly Flawed & Incredibly Decisive #11 – Leonardo DiCaprio[…]